Collection: Crib and Cot Blankets

The ultimate feeling of being underneath a blanket. Security, softness and warmth. For in a crip (75 x 100 cm) or a cot (100 x 150 cm). Single layer (TOG 1.0) or double layer (TOG 2.0). Needless to say, these blankets endulge any person on a sofa, in a pram or buggy, in the car or anywhere else in luxury.

Crib and Cot blankets: your personal hide-away to go undercover. Grown-ups wish they were babies again…….sleeping under these high quality 100% organic or GOTS cotton blankets means sleeping in your dream. Soft, warm and caring. 

 A TOG rating is a handy way to assess whether your baby is dressed too warm or too cold. A TOG applies to blankets, sleeping bags, bakeries, etc. The higher the TOG value, the harder the heat can escape through the fabric. And the lower the TOG value, the more heat loss.

The abbreviation for TOG is Thermal Overall Grade. The idea is that when you add all TOG values together, at a room temperature of 16-18 °C you don't get higher than a 4. This is an important point, but a TOG remains just a tool. A TOG is not a law. You can judge the best yourself. A room temperature depends on many factors (north or south, under a roof or not, whether or not a window, whether or not an air conditioner, what is the humidity, etc). Everything factors have an impact on heat generation.

Crib and Cot Blankets