Collection: Giftcards

Send some sweet softness

A new baby in your friend’s or relative’s life, but unable to visit the new citizen straight away? No apping or texting, but simply write down your wishes and happiness the old-school way: on an actual birth card. With Snoozebaby’s birth card-gift-set, you can choose from 5 different hand-made cards. In combination with a matching mini-Sweet Dreaming: the world’s greatest comfort toy offering comfort, joy and softness., This is truly magnificent to send and certainly to receive.

Made of 50% cotton jersey and 50% coral // Offers comfort and joy // Stimulates fine motor skills // Promotes a sense of touch. The set comes with an envelope so you only need to add stamps (set is < 50 gr) and it is ready to go! Size 15 x 15 cm. Packaging: polybag made recycled polyester.