About Snoozebaby

Feel the effect

Snoozebaby is an ambitious brand with a strong position in the Dutch baby- and toddler product market for more than 17 years. And becoming more famous in our foreign markets every day. Our ultra-soft, functional, save and playful baby textile accessories, based on the self-invented tag-concept, touch people's hearts worldwide. Many babies and toddlers can not be without our tags and soft fabrics. They are great to touch, feel and play with. And while doing this, the fine motor skills are stimulated and the sense of touch is promoted. As a result, the products offer comfort, joy and security for free. And all of this, just by simply cuddling with our products.

Star fabric

Our products are made of the finest fabrics. Our fabrics will absorb mum's or dad's body odour. Guarantee for a secure feeling. The famous tags differ in size, colour and texture. We use satin, silk, rib and velvet. Each baby discovers ist own favourite tag. All our products are CE-certified and pass among others the most recent EU toy directives (EN71) and US directive (ASTM, reach). Our manufacturer in Turkey is BSCI certified and uses OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics only.

Designed in Holland, loved all over

The Snoozebaby collections are designed and developed in Amsterdam. We are proud to be working with a international network of fantastic partners who help us distribute the beautiful products to a global audience. Snoozebaby can be found in on- and offline baby specialty boutiques, luxury department stores, toy- and gift shops, interior design boutiques and bookstores. All products are hand-made with the greatest care and devotion. Nevertheless, we recommend to check each tag after washing.

Marleen Rameckers

The idea of labels arose in 2004 when my premature baby who had start up difficulties, found peace and comfort by feeling on soft fabrics; he was completely relaxed while rubbing the fabrics and searching for his thumb. He stopped crying and fell asleep, a respite for us as parents! The first comfort toy in The Netherlands, Sweet Dreaming was introduced in 2004 and was a ‘gap in the market’ so to speak. Now, nearly 20 years later, Snoozebaby is a well-known brand on a international scale that keeps expanding its range of accessories to offer comfort and joy and decorate your entire baby room.

Distinctive character

Our biggest distinction lies in the softness of our fabrics and the labels; these cannot be missed on any of our products. All Snoozebaby accessories offer peace and comfort. From comfort toys to plush toys and from the changing mat to the play mat. By feeling, fiddling, thumb-sucking and stroking the soft fabrics and labels, babies create their own comfort zone. The soft fabrics have a calming effect which satisfies your baby’s needs and make him fall asleep or stay put in the car or buggy longer.

Feeling on all the labels stimulates their sense of touch and promotes their fine motor skills. Baby happy, parents happy.

Marleen Rameckers - founder Snoozebaby

Janneke Vens

I am Janneke and I design and develop the wonderful collection from Snoozebaby.

When you're pregnant you want to have everything for your child in place. The bed made is up nicely, the clothes are prepared and the room is completed. You might also want to create a little nook in the living room where your child feels safe and can have fun, can learn to play. During pregnancy there is enough time to prepare everything so that your little one feels welcome.

With this in mind, I work on the Snoozebaby collection from my desktop and by hand. The products I design and develop have a playful interplay of material, shape, colour and design. Designs are important to Snoozebaby because our products can be recognized by it and thus allow themselves to be combined easily. Because our colour scheme is being tested against the current trends, our products can easily be combined with other brands. The base materials for Snoozebaby should be soft and as natural as possible. The additives add a fun twist like all the labels with different textures to feel or play with.