Is it true what we say?

Research into the functioning of the Snoozebaby Comfort toy “Sweet Dreaming”

Thanks to the help of 113 other respondents, a number of conclusions can be drawn from the functioning of the Snoozebaby Sweet Dreaming comfort toy. 59 comfort toys with tags and 54 dummy's were used and therefore the difference between the functionality can easily be shown. 

This research mainly analysed if the tags on the Sweet Dreaming had a calming and comforting effect. In other words: do our tags have an added value in comparison to other products without tags (dummy). One of the conclusions that can be drawn is that tags used on the Sweet Dreaming definitely had an added value to its user (baby or toddler).

Commissioned by Snoozebaby

Published by Anne Marleen Dijkhuis under the auspices of Uni Partners Amsterdam