Research into the functioning of the Snoozebaby Comfort toy “Sweet Dreaming”

Thanks to the help of 113 other respondents, a number of conclusions can be drawn to the functioning of the Snoozebaby Sweet Dreaming comfort toy. 59 comfort toys and 54 dummy’s were used, and therefore the difference between the functionality can easily be shown.

This research mainly analysed if the tags on the Sweet Dreaming had a calming and comforting effect. In other words: do our tags on the Sweet Dreaming have an added value in comparison to similar products without tags (Dummy). One of the conclusions that can be drawn is that tags on the Sweet Dreaming definitely have an added value to its user (a baby or toddler).

Specific features such as  “calming” and “comforting” have been looked into. We concluded that these features are differently judged by the users; though the calming effect is repeatedly recognized.

Table 1 shows that “calming” is the most important reason for using the Sweet Dreaming and the Dummy. On the matter of comforting the opinion differ. You can see from table 1 that only 4 respondents find comforting the most important function of the Sweet Dreaming.

However, an earlier question in the research was to name more different functions of the Sweet Dreaming, 54% of the participants show that the Sweet Dreaming indeed comforts. 

The resarch showed that the difference between a Sweet Dreaming and a Dummy is clear. The respondents that were using the Sweet Dreaming answer the questions on the outcome much more positive then the respondents using a Dummy.

The most important conclusion is that many parents confirm that the Sweet Dreaming has much more functionality against a Dummy. The Sweet Dreaming is also seen as a toy. It offers a distraction for the baby and/or toddler and offers comfort when needed. It is also a good tool for the baby to sleep with or to usewhen the child is tired.

Some other figures relating to the research results:

  • 93% of the babies fidgets and plays with the Sweet Dreaming;
  • 81% of the babies sees the Sweet Dreaming as a diversion;
  • 64% of the parents find the Sweet Dreaming calming;
  • 54% of the parents find the Sweet Dreaming comforting.

Commissioned by Snoozebaby
Published by Anne Marleen Dijkhuis under the auspices of Uni Partners Amsterdam