18 years Snoozebaby!

18 years Snoozebaby!

From crybaby to 18 years of Snoozebaby
We have something to celebrate: Snoozebaby turns 18! As the proud founder, and mother who once started at a kitchen table with a sewing machine and a dream, I can tell you that this has been nothing short of a great journey. Born from a small idea out of personal necessity, Snoozebaby has evolved into a trusted brand synonymous with comfort, quality, and innovation in the world of children’s and lifestyle products.

How it began
It all started in 2005 with an inconsolable baby who calmed down by fiddling with labels. I bought fabrics at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam and made the first label cloth on my mother's sewing machine. It was a modest beginning, but the response was overwhelming. Stores were immediately enthusiastic and we soon placed our first large order in a foreign factory.

International growth
The next milestone was our first participation in the international Kind und Jugend fair in Cologne. It opened doors to a global network of distributors and partners. From that moment on things went fast: our products found their way to more than 450 stores in 30 countries.

Quality and certification
We are proud that all our products are now CE certified and meet the strictest international guidelines. Our current manufacturer in Turkey is BSCI certified and only uses OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics. Quality is not an option for us; it's a promise.

Innovation and variety
Over the years we have renewed and expanded our product range. We follow and set trends and listen to the wishes of our fans. We have developed more technically complex products, such as baby carriers and sleep trainers, in collaboration with product design students. We also optimize our production chain where necessary, so that we can work increasingly efficiently and sustainably.

The people behind Snoozebaby
Our people are our greatest asset! From our first employee to the dynamic team of today: everyone has contributed to Snoozebaby's success. Interns and freelancers also brought new perspectives in the field of design, social media, and photography.

The future
Developing products every day that offer peace and comfort to young families, that is and remains why we do all this. We are grateful for the journey so far and look forward to all that is yet to come. For me, Snoozebaby is more than a brand; it is a feeling of comfort, a promise of quality and a symbol of innovation and care. Let's toast to many more years of cuddling & snoozing!

- Marleen Rameckers -

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