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Max foundation clean water for every child 

It sounds like a given, but everyone has the right to clean drinking water. This is necessary for health and therefore, a chance at a future. Still, 1.1 billion people in the world have no access to clean drinking water. Stichting Max fights childhood mortality with small-scale drinking water projects in Bangledesh. The combination of drinking water provisions, latrines and advice is the most efficient manner to fight sickness and give children a future. Stichting Max builds the water wells in Bangledesh, together with local people. A part of Snoozebaby's products use environmentally friendly biological cotton and a portion of Snoozebaby’s turnover is donated to the charity Stichting Max. Already 40 Snoozebaby water pump have been made. 

The overhead costs are paid by the management board of Stichting Max, therefore each euro that comes in goes to water projects. In 2017 a total of € 1.500 was donated to this charity. 

Snoozebaby for MaxFoundation

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