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Nestwärme blog about Snoozebaby

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Kiss & Carry

Brand: Snoozebaby (NL)
Material: 100% cotton
Colour: stone grey
Weight/age recommendation: from birth till 9 months approx (11kg/size 80), crotch adjustable from 26-36cm. Total length of Cocoon: 45,5cm.

About the company: Snoozebaby is well known for their beautiful baby clothes and accessories for babys and toddlers. It’s especially famous for the labels overall the clothes and products. The Kiss & Carry is a rather new product of the Dutch brand and has been nominated for a Baby Innovation Award.

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My first impression: The Kiss & Carry comes with matching bag & scarf. Lovely package, leightweight and soft carrier, easy foldable to a tiny package. The feel of it is really nice, It’s if I’m rather touching a sleeping bag than a carrier from what I’m used to before ;-). It looks really interesting, like nothing I’ve seen before. This carrier is a mix of a stretchy wrap and a half buckle but this description doesn’t do justice to it… There are four small steps to put it on and they’re labelled which is a great help. First to put on the waist belt. Then to take the baby and place the shoulder straps, cross them on the back and tie them in front, under the cocoon. Last: put up the cocoon and fix it with the two small buckles on the shoulder straps – that’s it! The cocoon doesn’t provide a full support but a feeling of security for the babywearer and a totally soft, detachable neck support for the tiny baby.

Nestwarme Image 3

How to adjust it: There’s a buttoned band to adjust the crotch in a few possible steps so it matches your baby’s size and guarantees the m-position and knee-to-knee-support. The cocoon (back panel) has draw strings on both sides on the height of babys knees for an optimal adjustment. The head/neck support can be rolled down and fixed with several buttons at the height you need and small buckles on the shoulder straps can also be narrowed. How does it wear: I’ve been rather sceptic that this very soft carrier would be comfy enough for me, especially as my back wouldn’t be supported by more of two tiny straps. But everything was great. I find it easy to adjust and way more comfortable than expected! I’ve carried my daughter throughout a longer walk in the mountains with no back pain at all. The soft waist belt is even more comfortable than the many padded, stiffer belts I’m used to. As with elastic wraps, you have to tighten firm enough or you’ll be finding yourself retightening soon after. The fabric is doubled though, it’s sewn together which makes the straps thicker but they’re also a lot narrower. Still, it’s comfy also on the shoulders and back, as I mentioned. I detached the neck support due to the hot day but it would have been helpful with my sleeping baby having its head just in between the straps and not enough support in the neck with just the rather loose cocoon. Do use it or bring along the matching scarf to improvise a support – all clever, isn’t it? ;-)

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There’s one thing to keep in mind with the Kiss & Carry: it’s wonderful for babywearing in the front, but it’s not for beginners on the back. If you don’t have a helper, you can’t start with step 1 and 2 bringing your baby on the back. You have to close the cocoon with your baby and then do a hip scoot and bring everything on your back, at least, that’s my suggestion. It’s not as comfy on the back and there’s no chest belt (again, do use the scarf if necessary), but it’s still okay if needed.
By the way: there are „pockets“ for baby’s feet. It’s not necessary to use them and my girl was already to big for it but some baby might like it for kinaesthetic reason. 

Conclusion: Surprisingly comfy, eye-catching carrier with an innovative design and handling. Best for front cuddles. Easy to use and adjust and comes with typical Snoozebaby labels to play with or use to attach a pacifier, toy or sth else…

Tested in july 2017 with my 6 months old baby. Thanks for the opportunity!

Nestwarme Image 7

Nestwarme Image 7

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